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As of February 1st, 2021, I will be closing my practice. I am not taking on new clients.
Ex clients wanting to contact me can write me at

Intimate relationships have a central, but not always simple place in our lives. Intimacy and sexuality are two basic aspects of loving relationships. Relationship difficulties around intimacy and sexuality can have far reaching effect on your daily life. At the same time the lack of an intimate relationship can have impact on the quality of your life.

For most people it is a big step to turn towards professional help when confronted with intimate problems. It is best to first try to talk about these difficulties yourselves and work together for a solution. When problems are difficult to solve by yourselves, speaking with a sex therapist can often be of help.

The treatment offered by the sex therapist depends on the presented issues and their background. The following issues will give an impression of the kind of reasons why people consult me.

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