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Sex and relationship therapy for people with physical difficulties

A chronic illness or physical disability can have serious consequences in different areas of life. Physical problems can challenge relationships and cause changes in your sexual life.  For many, sexuality is an important concern that may not be easily discussed with medical caregivers. 

Since 1993 I have specialized in Sex and Relationship Therapy, and have worked with people with a wide array of chronic illnesses and physical disabilities. MS, diabetes, chronic pain, stroke, spinal chord injury and cancer are examples of the kind physical challenges that may impact intimate relationships. 

My goal is to assist people who are experiencing relationship difficulties and changes in their sexuality in the wake of a chronic illness or serious physical impairments. The following examples are reasons why people consult me in this area.

  1.  Sexual dysfunctions: Your body does not react sexually the way you expect it to.                                  
  2.  You have little or no desire for sex. Perhaps you have difficulties in getting aroused and/or difficulties in achieving an orgasm. 
  3. Your sexual experience feels so different. Sex is now painful or triggers sadness, anger or shame. 
  4. Your intimate relationship is out of balance. One or both partners may be insecure or anxious about making love. The roles that partners have in their relationship and in sex may have changed. 
  5. You are struggling to accept and adapt to the changes in your intimate life.  
  6. You experience practical difficulties in sex: e.g. lack of energy and fatigue, pain, incontinence are killjoys for your sex life. 
  7. You are experiencing difficulties alone. You may have problems with solo sex. The thought of entering a relationship can be scary.
  8. Sex has never been part of your life. (e.g. physical difficulties in your youth have influenced your sexual development). This can result in a lack of self-knowledge and experience in relationships and sexuality.  

My practice is accessible for people in a wheelchair. The WC is not accessible for wheelchairs. 

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